Chicken breed predictor

A machine learning model for predicting the breed of a chicken based on an image. It was built using, with a frontend on Hugging Face. The notebook is available to view on kaggle here and you can read more about the project on my blog post here.

Python // // Machine Learning

Scales practice helper logo - a treble clef with the letter S inside it

This is a web app for practicing scales. You get given a random list of the scales used by ABRSM in their exams. This app uses a SQLite database to enable user accounts. You will need to register and login to use the site.

Python // Flask // SQL // Javascript // HTML // CSS

Rugby table

Rugby API Logo - an black outline of a rugby ball

This scrapes the web weekly using a cron job for the latest English Rugby Premiership scores and then displays them on a table.

Python // Django // SQL // Javascript // HTML // CSS

This site!

I created this site using a static site generator created in Python called Pelican. It is created using CSS Grid and is the second iteration of my website, which previously used Bootstrap.

Python // Pelican // HTML // CSS