Software Developer

I used to be a teacher, but decided that wasn't the career for me. The great thing about developing software is it's possible if you have the time and energy! I spent two years of evenings, weekends, and holidays learning how to build websites and code using Python, and it paid off! I ended up getting a job using a variety of languages depending on what's needed, with lots of Python too! If you're currently in the process of making that career change I'd love to hear from you. See my contact details below or send me a tweet!

PodcasterA Question of Code podcast logo

I used to co-host a podcast A Question of Code (including doing the editing/promoting).com).

Currently living in Cornwall, UK (a beautiful part of the country and where I grew up). I took this photo. 👇

The sun setting over the sea

I am currently working at Bluefruit Software.

🤔 Got a question? You can contact me here: [email protected].

Check out my github here.